Breaker Specialists

Breaker Brothers Services creates a safer working environment, protecting equipment and personnel from damage and injury through true preventative maintenance. We return your damaged, degraded and worn breakers and contactors to like new condition, set to OEM specifications. You can rest assured that your equipment will operate as designed. We refurbish many types of circuit breakers: low-voltage (600V) to medium-voltage (4160V +), air circuit breakers (acb) and vacuum circuit breakers. Basically, if it racks in or out of your switchgear, we can fix it.

Not just circuit breakers! We will repair and refurbish contactors, starters and disconnects too!

We feel there is a need in our industry for a company whose main focus is circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are one of the most common pieces of equipment to fail, and as their sole purpose is to protect equipment and personnel. Electricity can be dangerous – proper maintenance is essential.

Lowering costs in today’s economy is on everyone’s mind. Our services provide you with an option to properly maintain your equipment in a more cost effective way, compared to trying to replace your circuit breakers with new – saving you from the need for large scale upgrades of an entire system.

Breaker Brothers are a powerful team with experience in many areas of the electrical industry. We have 55+ years of combined experience and knowledge from: commercial and industrial construction and maintenance, field testing, acceptance testing, project planning and management, equipment diagnosis and repair, automotive mechanics, quoting and estimating, and of course circuit breakers.

Breaker Brothers is like a low-cost insurance policy against losses due to: equipment damage, lost production, injury to personnel or even loss of life.

Our commitment to quality is second-to-none. We take pride in our work and it shows.

“These guys are the real deal and quite a quality proposition from what I saw… start-up but lots of experience”
– John Hodson, Leading Edge Sales