About Us

Breaker Brothers Services Inc. was established in 2016. Although we are a new company, we have a powerful team with many years’ experience in a wide variety of areas of the electrical industry. We provide a high-quality product with excellent customer service.

Safety is of the utmost importance in this industry and we take it very seriously. We are ISNetworld subscribed and will receive our SECOR certification very soon.

Breaker Brothers Services is a proud affiliate member of PEARL – Professional Electrical Apparatus Recycler’s League.

Breaker Brothers Services is for hire! Need help on a shut-down or specialty testing? We can assist you, by providing excellent knowledge and experience for all your breaker testing needs. We test everything to IEEE/NETA standards.

We also provide mobile Primary Injection Testing with our state-of-the-art equipment

Our Core Values:

  • Promote preventative & predictive maintenance – prevent injury to personnel and equipment damage.
  • When it comes to customer satisfaction… “Make the exra effort, go the extra mile.”
  • Keep it in Canada. Support your local economy.
  • Always offer fair and competitive pricing.
  • When it comes to quality… “Do it once. Do it right.”




Armando Sofoifa, RSE

Armando is a Journeyman Electrician and an Electrical Engineering Technologist an d has Q.E.W. training. He has been in the electrical industry for 35+ years and has experience in electrical construction and electrical field services. Armando has many years experience in circuit breaker repairs, service and testing.

Darby Boyle, A.Sc.T., RSE

Darby is a Journeyman Mechanic and Electrical Engineering Technologist and has Q.E.W. training. He has eleven years experience in automotive mechanics and eight years experience in electrical field and shop services, two of which have been solely in circuit breaker refurbishment.

Steve Orlowski, RSE

Steve is a Journeyman Electrician and has Q.E.W. training. He has eleven years experience in the electrical industry in commercial and industrial construction, and shop services. Two and one half of those years have been in electrical construction estimating and quoting. He has been refurbishing circuit breakers for one and a half years.