About Us

Breaker Brothers Services was established in 2016. Although we are a newer company, we have 55+ years of experience in a wide variety of areas in the electrical industry.

Quality is Priority One!

We have addressed a need for a very high standard of quality in remanufacturing electrical equipment. We have an unwavering commitment to provide a best-in-class product. Our motto is “Quality is Priority One!”. We are proud of our product and it shows. We have been told that the only thing that may exceed our product is new OEM. However, our services will save $$ compared to replacing with new. Our remanufactured equipment has been described as a “pretty inexpensive insurance policy”.

Safety is equally important as quality. We have nearly met all requirements to receive our SECOR (COR for Small Employers) accreditation, and we are ISNet World subscribed. We are an Affiliate Member of PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioner’s League) and are working toward becoming a full member.

We stand behind our product with a great warranty, which may exceed OEM new.

Our warranty for FULLY REMANUFACTURED equipment is twelve months from energization or eighteen months from delivery.

Our Leadership Team

Darby Boyle, RSE, A.Sc.T, RSE – Owner
Electrical Engineering Technologist & Red-Seal Journeyman Mechanic
Many years experience in auto mechanics, electrical field service, commissioning, CSA standards testing, mechanical/electrical repairs/maintenance, IR scanning, project management…
Steve Orlowski, RSE – Owner
Red-Seal Journeyman Electrician
Electrical construction and service in industrial and commercial, field service, commissioning, CSA standards testing, project management, electrical construction estimating…
Armando Sofoifa, RSE – Owner
Red-Seal Journeyman Electrical, Technical/Field Services
Electrical construction and service in industrial and utility, field service, commissioning, repairs/maintenance, IR scanning…