Mission Statement

Breaker Brothers Services’ model is to provide the end user with best in class service and workmanship through their preferred electrical contractors in a way that does not compete with these contractors. We will not move to take existing clients away nor step between existing relationships. Our services supplement the services already being provided by the contractors, allowing them to provide more service to their clients.

When speaking with an end user, the FIRST question we ask is, “Whom is your preferred high-voltage contractor?” If there is an existing contract, we will provide our services to that end user only through the preferred contractor. If the end user does not have a preferred contractor, we will present the opportunity to all contractors who have chosen to work with us and let the contractor be chosen with no influence from Breaker Brothers. Alternatively, if there is no desire by the end user for a preferred contractor, we will work directly with the end user.

From time to time, we may be asked to bid on an open tender for circuit breaker and contactor remanufacturing. All contractors will receive the same pricing and same terms and conditions. Should we be approached by a contractor for pricing, having already been approached by (an)other contractor(s), we will inform all contractors asking for a price that we have been asked by multiple companies to submit a price. No names will be mentioned, however, in keeping true to our business model, we MUST inform. Breaker Brothers will not give an unfair advantage to anyone.

Breaker Brothers treats all contractors and clients with respect, integrity and honesty. Integrity is a very important value to our operation and the industry as a whole. And we expect to be treated with the same respect, integrity and honesty.