The core focus of our business is full remanufacture of circuit breakers, contactors, switches and disconnects.

Equipment we focus on is generally used by heavy electricity consumers – utility, mines, process plants, etc.

Did you know that the only way to properly perform real maintenance on a circuit breaker is by way of a full remanufacture? Lubrication will begin to degrade over time and absorb contaminants in the atmosphere. Lubrication is the #1 cause of circuit breaker failure. Poor lubrication leads to corrosion and seizure of moving parts Some will say that all you need to do is spray a little WD40 in there and you’re good. While WD40 does have its use (and it’s very good in some applications), however, a circuit breaker is not the correct place to use it. There is a lot of information out there to back up this claim. Remanufacturing will allow ALL old, degraded lubrication, contaminants and corrosion to be removed.

Also, during the remanufacture process, we have found many hidden deficiencies which cannot be seen doing what we call a “band-aid” fix. Some of these deficiencies could have lead to catastrophic failure of the equipment.

We will provide remanufacturing of breakers rated 480V to 25kV, in all current ratings and we are not specific to any one manufacturer.
We are capable of providing our service on the following (bot not limited to):

  • Westinghouse – DHP, DH, DS Series, DB Series, VCPW, Systems Pow-R, HLF
  • ITE/ABB – K-Line, HK, VHK, SACE
  • Federal Pioneer – H and HL
  • Eaton/Cutler Hammer – DS Series, Magnum DS
  • Toshiba Contactors – HVC
  • GE and Canadian General Electric – MagneBlast, PowerVac
  • Federal Pacific/Cemco – DST, HFS, HF-1
  • Air/Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Air/Vacuum Contactors

50-DH-250 Before

50-DH-250 After

Every piece of equipment that enters our shop is put through a detailed inspection and evaluation and a very strict QAQC process.
Our process includes:

  • Inspection/Evaluation – to identify any and all deficiencies
  • As-found testing – electrical and operational
  • FULL disassembly of all parts
  • Cleaning, removal of old lubrication and corrosion, sand blasting and polishing
  • Replating – silver for current carrying parts, zinc for MOST mechanical parts.
            Some parts cannot be zinc plated – we have a solution to protect these parts from corrosion.
  • Powder coating the frame
  • Reassembly with manufacturer’s recommended lubricant or better
  • Settings and adjustments to OEM spec.
  • As-left testing – electrical and operational
  • QAQC – always double/triple checked by more than one qualified person

A comprehensive report will be provided, describing all work performed, all deficiencies found, and any parts repaired or replaced.

K-1600 Before & After

Electrical testing is done to current IEEE/NETA standards.
Our tests include (as applicable):

  • Insulation Testing (Megger)
        1kV DC or 5kV DC
  • Over-potential (High-Pot) – only on MV equipment
  • Vacuum bottle integrity
  • Contact Resistance (Ductor)
        10A, up to 200A
  • Open, Close, Open/Close/Open Timing
  • Primary injection – only on LV equipment
  • Minimum Close/Open coil pick-up voltages
Low Voltage Scope of Work.
Medium Voltage Scope of Work.