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Circuit breakers are one of the most likely pieces of electrical equipment to fail. Proper cleaning, removal of degraded lubrication and application of new lubrication is key to ensuring the circuit breaker will operate correctly. Insufficient or degraded lubrication and buildup of atmospheric contaminants affects time-to-open and may cause the breaker not to open at all. Coordination will be affected and incident energy increases significantly. Main electrical contacts and bus connections can become dirty and corroded causing high-resistance leading to phase imbalances and heat. A breaker which has been sitting closed for a long period of time is not necessarily in ideal working condition and may not trip.

Our full refurbishment service includes:

  • complete disassembly
  • replacement or repair broken or seized parts with OEM
  • re-plating of mechanical and current carrying parts
  • powder coating the frame
  • full cleaning and lubrication all moving parts with manufacturer’s
  • recommended lubricant or better
  • reassembly and adjustment made to manufacturer’s specifications
  • complete function and electrical testing

Equipment we service includes (but not limited to):

  • Westinghouse (DHP, VCPW, Systems Pow-R, HLF, etc.)
  • ITE/ABB (K-Line, HK, VHK)
  • Federal Pioneer (50H-2, 75H-3, etc.)
  • Toshiba Contactors (HVC5HAM, HVC5HA)
  • General Electric (Magne Blast, PowerVac, AK)
  • Federal Pacific (DST, HF Series, etc.)
  • Eaton / Cutler Hammer (DS, DS II, Magnum DS, etc.)

We will test, diagnose, repair and refurbish all circuit breakers and contactors – vacuum and air –
600V to 15kV at all current ratings. We also offer retro-fits – new, solid state trip-units and vacuum retro-fit kit installations.

We stand by our quality. All refurbished equipment is warrantied at 18 months after delivery or 12 months after energization.

All circuit breakers are tested to current ANSI/IEEE NETA standards per their current MTS documentation. We have a comprehensive and detailed initial evaluation to identify any and all deficiencies. Our Quality Assurance ensures that is returned in excellent working condition.

Our tests include:

  • Contact Resistance (“Ductor”) – 10A to 500A
  • Insulation Resistance (“Megger”) – 500V to 10kV
  • Open & Close Timing – Showing Contact Bounce
  • 80kV HiPot & Vacuum Bottle Integrity
  • Minimum Pick-Up Voltages of Control Devices
  • Primary & Secondary Injection